Miz Thang is a self-taught folk artist from Hawkinsville, GA. Labels are not her thing but most folks want to know just what type of art she creates so she usually rattles off a long list of funky names that include: outsider, raw, rebel, folk, whohadada, and contemporary, just to name a few. Through her eyes, she sees things differently and she strives to show others what she sees via her art. She has been called weird and downright crazy, all of which she takes as a compliment because she does not want to be normal. After all a normal person couldn’t create her art! For most of her life she has been a collector of what most call junk, but what she calls her treasures. When she is not riding around looking for more junk, she can be found in her back yard turning her junk into art. She is inspired by strong women, musicians, and by people, animals, and events that have impacted her life.

All of her art is original. Her wooden pieces are usually cut out of cabinet grade birch and then sanded. She paints with acrylic paint and sometimes she coats her pieces with shellac. She doesn’t use brushes but prefers to paint exclusively with her fingers. When her fingers are in the paint she feels connected to her art and she feels she is passing along some of her special brand of mojo. She also uses objects she finds and that others give to her. Most of her art contains a message, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, depending on her mood.

Some of the works showcased on this website are on display at museums, folk art events, and are collected by many people worldwide. Some of her creations have been on display at shows, museums, and galleries throughout the USA and abroad. Her art is on display at the Smith Calloway Banks Southern Folk Art collection and Research Center at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. Her blues art has been on display at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon, Georgia since 2004.

If you have someone special in your life that you would like to honor with a work of art, just let her know. She can work from a photo to produce a custom, personalized work of art and often adds her rhyming mojo.

Call her a painter, a woodworker, a lover of obscure blues music; Miz Thang is all of these things. She honors those obscure (and not-so-obscure) musicians by recreating their images as whimsical and colorful painted wood cutouts. Each one is unique, vibrant, and fun—you can almost hear the music of B.B. King, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Ma Rainey and Captain Beefheart.

Some of the shows that Miz Thang has participated in:

Kentuck in Alabama 1998 to present
Fearrington in NC 2000 to present
Pasaquan in Ga
Burnt Bourbon in Ga
Farmington in Ga
House of Blues in Fla
House of Blues in SC
Spring Art Fest in Ga
Inman Park in Ga
Hawkinsville Christmas Show in Ga
Junk fest in Ga
Foxfire Fest in Ga
Folk to Fine Art Expo in Ga
Doonanny in Ala
Clydefest in NC
Magic City in Ala
Zoo fest in NOLA
Folk fest in Ga


Art work displayed on this website can be purchased.
Contact me if you see art work that you would like to purchase.

If there is something that you would like that is not on this website, contact me. 
I can customize anything that you want for a unique art piece.