Miz Thang is an outsider artist from Hawkinsville, Ga., a mere 70 miles from her hometown of Sandersville.   She has been a special education teacher by day, but on nights, weekends and vacations she has pursued her passion of outsider art.   Having retired two years ago, she now is a full time outsider artist.
Miz has also been a collector of outsider art for 40 plus years having amassed an extensive collection including many outsider greats such as Finster, Mose T, Sudduth, Simms, etc…
In the early 90’s, following an emotional change in her life, she began creating her art.  Miz is influenced by strong women, music, animals and people and events that have impacted her life.
She loves the color blue as well as blues music.  Blues music is raw, down to earth and unpolished and it inspires her to create art with the same character.  She paints most of her people blue because she feels it is a truly beautiful color.
Miz Thang did not begin showing or selling her art until 1998 but since that time she has been in many galleries, museums, publications and collections worldwide.

Art work displayed on this website can be purchased. Contact me if you see art work that you would like to purchase.