Miz Thang, the Artist of the Blues: History of the Blues Through Art

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The songs slaves and field workers sang as they worked on Southern plantations in America in the 19th century and later after the end of slavery in the early 20th century, evolved over the years into what has become the Blues. The earliest Blues were mostly sad songs about hard work, unhappy love affairs and being poor, but songs about happier times eventually came to be included.
At first, Blues were sung and played only by African-Americans, but now Blues music has spread around the world and is performed by all nationalities and races. Blues gave birth to most other kinds of American popular music, including Jazz, Rock & Roll, Zydeco, Rhythm & Blues and others.
Miz Thang chronicles the history of the blues in her art. Over the years, she has created at least 3,500 art depictions of the blues greats, some of whom are listed below.

Blind Willie McTell          Ma Rainey              Memphis Minnis              W.C. Handy

Stevie Ray Vaughan       Bessie Smith           Muddy Waters                 Billie Holiday

John Lee Hooker             Howlin Wolf         B.B. King                            Etta James

Robert Johnson              Sonny Boy Williamson                                     R.L. Burnside

Otis Taylor                        Sippie Wallace      Lucille Bogan                  Rev. Pearley Brown 

Elvis                                     Big Mama Thornton                                          Lightnin Hopkins

Frankie Half Pint           Jaxon Coots            Grant Sox Wilson          Ida Cox

Sara Martin                    Victoria Spivey        Sister Rosetta Tharpe   Bertha Chippie Hill   

Mamie Smith                  Bessie Tucker            Alberta Hunter                Trixie Smith

Clara Smith                    Son House                   Skip James                        Tommy Johnson

Mississippi Fred McDowell                             Charlie Patton

Bukka White                 Ishman Bracey         Big Bog Crudup               Johnny Shines

Robert Lockwood      Tommy McClennan   Sunnyland Slim             Geechie Temple

Son Terry                       Brownine McGhee     Blind Blake                     Alabama Shieks

Gus Cannon                  Bo Carter                     Honeyboy Edwards       Blind Boy Fuller

Mississippi Sheiks      Memphis Slim            Big Joe Williams             Champion Jack Dupree

Kokomo Arnold          Curley Weaver         Jay Bird Coleman            Barbeque Bob

Bumble Bee Slim         Tampa Red                Robert Nighthawk          Harlem Hamfats

Washboard Sam         Jazz Gillum               Lemon Jefferson              Georgia Tom Dorsey 

Funnypaper Smith    Ramblin Thomas      Ida May Mack                   Slim Harpo

Lazy Lester                   James Cotton           Dr. Rosspink Anderson     Buddy Moss

Josh White                    Bo Weavil Jackson and many more……


Each Year, Miz Thang participates in the Alabama Blues Camp, a part of the Alabama Blues Project. Here, she helps youngsters experience and appreciate Blues history and self-expression through art. Miz Thang’s Alabama Blues door, a pictorial chronicle of Alabama Blue’s musicians, is on display at the Alabama Blues Project headquarters.
Miz Thang has created other significant works of art that chronicle Blues history. For example: a door she created for a North Carolina restaurant chronicles women in the Blues.
Throughout her career Miz Thang has been expressing her love for the Blues through her art and community projects. She is truly the, “Artist of the Blues”.

She is available to lead group art experiences to teach children and teens about the Blues through art.
Contact her to schedule classes for your group.